We offer different sizes and capacities of battery packs and energy storage systems and cater to a variety of clients from different industries.

With our high expertise in battery cells, battery management systems (BMS) and communication protocols, we are able to design products for our clients according to their needs and specifications. We are also able to make what we do not already manufacture. We use modern testing equipment to make sure each battery that leaves our facility is safe to use and performs to high standards.

However, what is most appreciated and valued by our clients is the fact that we can label our products as their own, giving them much better visibility in the market and a sense of prestige and uniqueness with their customers.

Our Services

Branding of Your Choice

Bespoke Battery Design

Bespoke BMS Design

Bespoke Communication Protocol Design

Battery Stress Testing

Battery Consulting

Inverter Consulting

Procurement Support

Representation in Overseas Markets