While our battery packs provide communication compatibility with a number of renowned inverter manufacturers, we are proud to offer our own range of OFF-GRID inverters. They are wall-mounted pure sine wave inverters with an output power factor of 1 (PF=1). With a wide PV input voltage range, it is possible to connect the inverters with the majority of PV solar panels.

The intelligent functionality of the inverters is further aided by an LCD for quick configuration. The inverters are also able to run entirely without batteries on sunny days. Their robust performance means that they can safely function in harsh conditions without fail. They are field serviceable, which means parts of the inverter can be replaced on site without having to purchase a brand-new inverter.

Most models have in-built MPPT controllers for easy installation. Monitoring functionality (optional) is achieved via Wi-Fi/GPRS available for IOS and Android systems. As it is with our EcoBatt battery packs, we offer our clients an opportunity to label our inverters under their own brand if required.

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