Having quality cells is where it all starts. This is the type of component the client will rarely see however, it is vitally important in every battery storage. And we got it right!

Our main focus has been on the prismatic lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) cell. That is because it has very unique properties, which makes it superior to other cell chemistries. Thanks to its chemical stability, it does not overheat or catch fire in extreme conditions such as overcharge or short circuit. It can also withstand high temperatures and it is not susceptible to thermal runaways.

Furthermore, it can operate under a wide working temperature range from -20˚C to 50 ˚C. It has high energy density which means the user can store a lot of energy without compromising on safety. As opposed to lithium ion and other chemistries, it is nontoxic, considered to be safe for the environment and recyclable. The primary capacities we utilise are 50Ah and 55Ah cells. This means that we are able to assemble battery packs of different sizes depending on which cell capacity we use. Each cell is rigorously tested before it is welded and inserted in a battery pack.

Our quality BMS (Battery Management System) offers further protection to the cell and ensures it is running at an optimal performance. The fact that our cells are used by manufacturers of electric vehicles is a testament to the quality of our products. Check out the downloads section to view the test reports of our cells.

EcoBatt Cell Dimensions

EcoBatt Cell Datasheet