About Us

EcoBatt Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of energy storage solutions including cells, battery packs, battery rack and battery energy storage systems also known as BESS. We offer a wide range of sizes and capacities used in low voltage as well as high voltage applications. Cells in our packs are high-quality, A-grade cells used in the automotive industry by established car manufacturers. We use prismatic LiFePo4 cell technology, as it is very stable, has high energy density and is fully recyclable.

Coupled with our quality BMS (Battery Management System), we are proud to offer our clients reliable products compatible with renowned inverter manufacturers such as Victron, Growatt, GoodWe, Lux Power, Sofar Solar, Voltronic Power, Sermatec, Deye and others. On top of that, we offer our own range of OFF-GRID inverters made to last even in the toughest of conditions. We are also able to label our range of products under our clients’ own brand. This gives them the level of market visibility they desire along with added value and increased prestige.

Manufacturers and distributors of energy storage solutions, we at EcoBatt Solutions are passionate about batteries and what the future holds for them. The process starts from the procurement of lithium to manufacture our cells all the way to fitting the last connector on the battery. We carefully handpick our suppliers of raw material to ensure supreme quality of our products. We cater to all businesses regardless of their size or location. Among our customers are installers of battery storage systems, installers of PV systems, distributors, energy companies, importers, exporters and others businesses in the renewable energy sector.

Having access to an elaborate network of quality suppliers forms a basis for our great products and satisfied customers from all around the world. The fact that we have manufacturers of electric vehicles as our loyal clients is the testament to our superior products. We believe that battery storage should not be a luxury item but rather it should be available to everybody at affordable prices. Thanks to our close cooperation with suppliers from China, we are able to do just that! With us it has never been easier.

To ensure our products perform to high standards without fail, we test each and every battery before it leaves our facility. We sell our products under our own brand EcoBatt or offer our clients the opportunity to use their own branding.